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Fhdan tourism company is based in South Africa,the company provides all tourism services for Arab tourists in all around South Africa, such as hotel reservations, transportation and tours by private cars, specialized tourists from Arab nationalities and their own vision with long experience in the field.

the table mountain

Cape Town’s famous Table Mountain Cable Car will close this year July 24, 2023 through August 6, 2023 for annual maintenance. It will reopen on August, 7, 2023.

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Our goal

Providing all tourism services to all clients of companies, tourist offices, tour operators, and individuals of Arab nationalities who wish to visit our tourist destinations, whether they are groups, families, grooms, or individuals, in a distinguished manner. It suits all requirements in terms of type, category, and price, through a staff consisting of a young, educated group with high experience of various nationalities, qualified and ready to provide all kinds of tourism and travel services, according to demand.


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Make your own package

We provide Special and competitive prices in most hotels, transfers, transportation, and tours, at less than the price of any other platform with high quality, in a pleasant tourist atmosphere and care that meets the satisfaction and satisfaction of customers.

Learn English

We facilitates the study for Arab students to learn English in Cape Town, by enrolling the student in the best English language schools in Cape Town with special prices, also providing reception and student or family housing

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Why South Africa

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The southernmost tip of Africa is one of the most magnificent parts of the world, a paradise full of exquisite scenery, beautiful beaches, two oceans – the icy Atlantic and the warmer Indian Ocean – and a wide variety of attractions to make any holiday-maker happy.


Table Mountain and surroundings

This is where Cape Town is located. They call it ‘the Fairest Cape’, and there’s a reason for this. It really is a magical city, with flat-topped Table Mountain looming over it. It stretches around the mountain, and wherever you are, there are often glimpses of sea and golden beaches, not to mention that iconic mountain as its beautiful backdrop.

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