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tourism service for you ​

We are interested in arranging and implementing all your requirements for tourism services of all kinds, as we study your requests and provide services that suit all your needs and fulfill all your desires.  Below is a quick overview of the services that we perform.

Hotel reservations

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We are interested in securing all accommodation reservations such as hotels, apartments and villas, which you can benefit from the discounts granted to us by the accommodation and other advantages.​


Airport Reception

Giving the documents. Young businessman in formal clothes is in the airport at daytime

We are interested in receiving and seeing off all visitors by private cars and other services such as raising a banner with the customer’s name, presenting flowers to grooms .. and more


Closeup of brand new luxury automobiles in vip showroom

We arrange all transportation between the cities of South Africa by air, buses, and private cars.

Tourist schedule trip

Guest booking a tour at a hotel

We are interested in organizing all trips to the tourist areas, such as parks and gardens, according to your desire to choose places without compulsion or restriction, and with private cars of various sizes and types that suit the number that you want to organize the tourism program for.


honeymoon wedding couple travel at sunset

We are interested in organizing special trips for grooms in a more romantic atmosphere, providing additional services for the honeymoon, special recommendations in hotels, and allocating modern, air-conditioned, comfortable and custom-decorated cars for them.

VIP services

Luxury vehicle provided for a private airport transfer

We are interested in providing all types of services that we offer, which I mentioned earlier, so that they are reformulated and the way they are presented to become appropriate to the level of service required by businessmen, and “VIP” in addition to many services and facilities for businessmen

our customers review

Al Salamalikum Dear Fahd ,May God make you happy. Thank you for your service . May God brighten your face and what you failed to do. We enjoyed with you. May my Lord make you happy and grant you success. Thank you
Osama Al-Dughairy
Family trip
Al Salamalikum First, thank you, thank you, thank you. You did not fall short. I swear to God, you comforted us and spoiled us from the other. You stood with us in everything and were comfortable in dealing. And with the permission of the one, Sunday is not the last time, and not the last time we dealt, because it is the summit of taste and morals. Best regards
Tahani Mansour
Familt trip
Al Salamalikum Alhamdulillah, we arrived in Doha safely. I would like to thank you for: Good dealings, high morals, cooperation with us, clearing everything we need in Cape Town, good choices in housing, transportation and tourist schedules. God willing, we will return again to Cape Town, and we will certainly cooperate with you. We certainly recommend you to anyone who wants to spend a vacation in Cape Town. my regards
Al-Muraikhi family
Family trip
Al Salamalikum It was one of the most beautiful trips and trips, including reception, tourist places and restaurants May God grant you success in the work you are working on and to be the largest tourism company in South Africa Thank you
Hamda Al-Marri
Family trip

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